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My name is Cameron and I am a developer. I specialize in JavaScript and have a passion for innovation and creating things. Beyond the web I have a background in Neurobiology and an interest in AI. My favorite art form is music, my favorite bar topic is philosophy, and I enjoy sports both on the field and on the couch. Please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to hear from you.


A Better Way To Email

Email is outdated, but we still find ourselves fumbling through pages and pages of subject lines and switching windows, tabs and devices on a daily basis to accomplish our communication inefficiently. It is time we simplify our lives, with flybox! Flybox brings limitless capabilities to email without requiring you to change your email address. It is still under construction, but available to try out here.

This tool-in-development recreates the email experience by transforming it into a comprehensive communication center. Empower your email with live chat, editing/deleting sent messages, statuses, social networking, analytics, a simpler cleaner interface, and anything else you can imagine. Best part is, it does not require a change in email address!

Technologies used: Git, Angular.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB,, RESTful practices, Auth auth, Mocha, Chai, Karma, TDD, Travis CI


Visual Encryption

A visual encryption experiment that utilizes neural adaptation to visually encode information. By progressively disfiguring a font while a user reads it, braincryption aims to subconsciously teach a user to recognize a new subset of characters. Through this we can link new characters to existing pattern recognizers, rather than teaching someone an entirely new encoded language or subset. With succesful braincryption, a user could theoretically read these characters as if they were standard english characters while the actual characters are unrecognizable to anyone else.

the council

Authority On Everything

The Council is a fun, real-time web app that allows anyone to get answers to life choices with anonymous responders. The Council is essentially a crowd-sourced "magic-8" ball with multiple choice answer options. Just remember, the next time you can\'t make up your mind, The Council can!

Technologies used: Git, React, Flux, Radium,, Node.js, Express.js

hey you!

hey you iOS

"Hey you" is a location-based mobile social networking application inspired by craigslist missed connections. With Hey You, you can voice your opinion in a specific location publicly without putting yourself out there. You can also just move to any location and see the buzz in that area. Download Hey You on the App store and see who\'s voicing their opinion anonymously near you!

Technologies used: Git, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, RESTful practices, Auth auth, TDD, Mocha, Chai, Travis CI